10 Interesting Facts About Alexandra Burke You Didn’t Know

Alexandra Burke is an English pop star who gained popularity after winning the 2008 series of The X Factor. With a background in the music industry and a talent for singing, Alexandra captivated audiences with her strong vocals and captivating stage presence. With a background in the music industry and a natural talent for singing, Alexandra charmed audiences with her powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence. Since her victory on the show, she has become a successful recording artist and performer. With numerous hit singles and albums to her name, Alexandra Burke has established herself as one of the most talented and celebrated artists in the UK. In this article, we will explore 10 interesting facts about Alexandra Burke that you may not have known. So, let’s dive in and discover more about this incredible pop sensation.

A Brief Background About Alexandra’s Career

Alexandra Burke is a British singer, songwriter, and actress who first gained recognition as the winner of the fifth series of the reality TV show “The X Factor” in 2008. This victory launched her successful musical career, leading to the release of her debut album “Overcome” in 2009. The album became a commercial success, reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart and spawning the hit singles “Hallelujah” and “Bad Boys.”

Throughout her career, Alexandra has had the opportunity to work with renowned musicians such as Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen. She famously performed a duet of Cohen’s iconic song “Hallelujah” with Jeff Buckley’s rendition during her time on “The X Factor,” which received critical acclaim. Alexandra even formed a friendship with Leonard Cohen himself, who once described her as having a “magnificent voice.”

In addition to her involvement in the reality TV format, Alexandra has also participated in other reality shows, such as “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2017, where she showcased her dancing skills. She has been praised for her versatility as an artist and has been covered by other music artists like Joe Cocker and Pixie Lott.

Outside of her music career, Alexandra has also dabbled in acting and has appeared in productions such as “The Bodyguard” in the West End. She even had a romantic involvement with actor Jeremy Piven, known for his role in the TV series “Entourage.”

Alexandra Burke’s career continues to thrive, and she remains a respected and talented figure in the music industry. Her success is a testament to her exceptional talent and hard work.

Fact 1: She Was Part of a Reality TV Show

Alexandra Burke’s journey in the entertainment industry began when she auditioned for the fifth season of the popular reality TV show, “The X Factor,” in 2008. Displaying her incredible vocal abilities and undeniable stage presence, she soon became a standout contestant on the show.

Week after week, Alexandra wowed the judges and captivated audiences with her powerful performances. With her stunning rendition of iconic songs like Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” she solidified herself as one of the frontrunners in the competition.

Ultimately, Alexandra emerged as the winner of “The X Factor,” securing a record deal and launching her career as a recording artist. Her victory was a significant turning point in her life, propelling her into the spotlight and setting the stage for her future success.

But “The X Factor” wasn’t Alexandra’s first taste of reality TV fame. Prior to her appearance on the show, she also participated in other talent competitions such as “Star for a Night” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” Alexandra’s desire to showcase her remarkable talents and entertain audiences led her to explore various reality TV platforms, each experience playing a key role in shaping her as an artist.

Overall, Alexandra Burke’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her impressive run on “The X Factor” and her win in 2008. Her subsequent appearances on other reality TV shows further demonstrated her passion and dedication to her craft, ultimately solidifying her status as a celebrated performer.

Fact 2: She’s Had a Hugely Successful Musical Career

Alexandra Burke has had a hugely successful musical career, marked by chart-topping singles, acclaimed album releases, and collaborations with notable artists. Following her victory on “The X Factor,” Burke wasted no time making her mark on the music industry.

Her debut single, “Hallelujah,” became an instant sensation, selling over one million copies in the UK alone and earning the coveted Christmas number one spot in 2008. This breakout hit showcased Burke’s powerful vocals and set the stage for her future success.

In 2009, Burke released her debut album, “Overcome,” which spawned a string of chart-topping singles including “Bad Boys” featuring Flo Rida and “Broken Heels.” The album received critical acclaim and solidified Burke as one of the industry’s top talents.

Throughout her career, Alexandra Burke has collaborated with renowned artists such as Pitbull, Erick Morillo, and DJ Fresh, expanding her musical repertoire and reaching new audiences.

Her impressive musical journey has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including three MOBO Awards and an MTV Europe Music Award. Alexandra Burke has proven herself not only as a talented vocalist but also as a versatile artist who consistently delivers chart-topping hits and electrifying performances.

Fact 3: She Met Some of the Greatest Musicians in the World

Alexandra Burke’s encounters with legendary musicians have played a significant role in shaping her career. Born into a musical family, her mother, Melissa Bell, was the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning R&B act Soul II Soul. This exposure to music from an early age undoubtedly influenced Burke’s own passion for the industry.

One notable highlight was Burke’s appearance in Sharon Robinson’s photo book “On Tour with Leonard Cohen.” This book captured the behind-the-scenes moments of Leonard Cohen’s tour, and Alexandra Burke had the opportunity to interact with the iconic singer-songwriter. Cohen, known for his poetic and introspective lyrics, left a lasting impression on Burke as she admired his immense talent and artistic vision.

Additionally, Burke had the privilege of crossing paths with the late Jeff Buckley, who was also an admirer of Leonard Cohen’s work. Buckley, famous for his sublime vocals and emotive performances, made a lasting impact on Burke. Their interactions allowed her to witness firsthand the incredible talent and artistry that Buckley possessed.

These encounters with musical legends further fueled Burke’s drive and determination to make her mark in the industry. Her experiences with artists like Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley undoubtedly helped shape her own unique style and musicality.

Fact 4: She Was Involved with Other Reality TV Formats Besides The X Factor

While Alexandra Burke is best known for her winsome performances on The X Factor, she has also made her mark on other reality TV formats. One of her notable appearances was as a guest judge on the British version of So You Think You Can Dance. This dance competition showcased the talents of aspiring dancers, and Burke’s expertise and star power brought a fresh perspective to the judging panel.

But it doesn’t stop there – Burke’s venture into other reality TV formats extended to the iconic quiz show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? She dazzled audiences as one of the last-ever celebrity contestants to grace the show. Her quick thinking and vast knowledge made her a formidable contender, highlighting her versatility beyond the singing realm.

These appearances not only allowed Burke to showcase her skills beyond The X Factor stage but also broadened her influence in the world of reality television. It demonstrated her ability to adapt and excel in different formats, solidifying her status as a multi-talented entertainer.

Fact 5: Other Music Artists Have Covered Her Songs

Alexandra Burke’s music has not only resonated with her fans but also caught the attention of other talented music artists who have covered her songs and interpreted them in their own unique style.

One notable artist who has covered Alexandra Burke’s songs is Jeff Buckley, who famously covered Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Burke’s rendition of the song on the X Factor was highly praised, and it inspired Buckley to create his own interpretation. Buckley’s hauntingly beautiful version brought a new depth and emotion to the song, showcasing his incredible vocal range.

Another artist who has covered Alexandra Burke’s songs is Pixie Lott. Lott took on Burke’s debut single “Hallelujah” and added her own soulful twist. Her smooth vocals and stripped-down arrangement provided a fresh take on the song, highlighting her distinctive style.

Jason Castro, a former American Idol contestant, also covered Alexandra Burke’s songs. He performed her debut single “Bad Boys” during the competition, infusing his laid-back acoustic style into the energetic pop track.

These artists’ interpretations of Alexandra Burke’s songs demonstrate the power of her music in resonating with different musicians and inspiring them to make the songs their own. Through their unique styles and vocal abilities, they have paid tribute to Burke’s talent while also showcasing their own artistry.

Fact 6: She Appeared in a Music Video With Beyonce

One interesting fact about Alexandra Burke is that she had the incredible opportunity to appear in a music video alongside the legendary Beyonce. The music video was for Beyonce’s hit song “Get Me Bodied.” This collaboration showcased Burke’s talent and solidified her status as a respected artist.

The music video for “Get Me Bodied” was not only a visual spectacle but also served as a powerful homage to African-American culture. It featured a star-studded cast of other famous artists, including Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Solange Knowles. Their presence added to the overall grandeur and significance of the video.

In the video, Burke can be seen alongside Beyonce, exuding confidence and showcasing her phenomenal dancing skills. The synchronized choreography and vibrant energy of the video captivated audiences worldwide.

This collaboration with Beyonce not only provided Burke with valuable exposure but also allowed her to be a part of a groundbreaking project that celebrated African-American culture. It further cemented her place in the music industry and highlighted her immense talent and versatility as an artist.

Fact 7: She Was the First Winner of The X Factor to Have an Immediate Number One Hit

One fascinating fact about Alexandra Burke is that she made history as the first winner of The X Factor to achieve an immediate number one hit with her debut single. After winning the fifth series of the popular reality TV show in 2008, Burke released her first single, “Hallelujah,” just a week later.

The emotional and powerful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s iconic song struck a chord with the public and quickly climbed the charts. “Hallelujah” made an impressive debut by reaching the top spot on the UK Singles Chart and holding it for an impressive three weeks. This achievement not only showcased Burke’s undeniable talent but also solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The success of “Hallelujah” catapulted Alexandra Burke into the limelight and paved the way for her future endeavors. Her ability to captivate audiences with her soulful vocals and emotive performances set her apart from other talent show winners. By achieving an immediate number one hit, Burke proved that she had the star quality and vocal prowess to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

Fact 8: She Has Released Three Albums So Far In Her Career

In addition to her successful debut single, Alexandra Burke has gone on to release three albums throughout her career. Each album showcases her incredible vocal range and powerful songwriting abilities.

Her first album, “Overcome,” was released in 2009 and debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart. It features hit singles such as “Bad Boys,” featuring Flo Rida, and “All Night Long,” featuring Pitbull. The album received positive reviews for its mix of pop, R&B, and soulful ballads, solidifying Burke’s status as a standout artist.

Following the success of “Overcome,” Burke released her second album, “Heartbreak on Hold,” in 2012. This album saw her delve into a more dance-pop sound, with infectious tracks like “Elephant” and “Let It Go.” It showcased her versatility as an artist and further cemented her place in the music industry.

After a brief hiatus, Burke returned in 2018 with her third album, “The Truth Is.” This album displayed a more mature and introspective side of her artistry, with deeply personal tracks such as “Shadow” and “The Silence.” It received critical acclaim and demonstrated Burke’s growth as a musician.

With her impressive discography spanning over a decade, Alexandra Burke continues to captivate audiences with her stunning vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Her three albums showcase her versatility and artistry, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most talented and enduring performers.

Fact 9: She Has Achieved Multiple Gold and Platinum Records Across Europe

Fact 9: Alexandra Burke has achieved multiple gold and platinum records across Europe.

Throughout her career, Alexandra Burke has been recognized for her exceptional talent and has been awarded numerous gold and platinum records across Europe. Her debut album, “Overcome,” alone reached platinum status in the UK, selling over 600,000 copies. It also achieved gold certification in Ireland, where it sold over 15,000 copies.

Burke’s second album, “Heartbreak on Hold,” also achieved notable success. It reached gold certification in the UK and Belgium, selling over 100,000 copies in the UK alone. In Switzerland, it received platinum status, indicating sales of over 30,000 copies.

Additionally, Burke’s third album, “The Truth Is,” continued to achieve significant recognition. It achieved gold certification in France, where it sold over 50,000 copies, and reached platinum status in Switzerland, with sales exceeding 20,000 copies.

These certifications highlight the widespread appeal and commercial success of Alexandra Burke’s music across Europe. Her talent and dedication as a singer and songwriter have earned her numerous accolades and solidified her position as one of the most accomplished artists in the industry.

Fact 10: She Starred in a West End Musical in 2015

In 2015, Alexandra Burke took the West End by storm with her incredible talent and star power as she made her debut in the world of musical theater. She landed the leading role in the highly acclaimed production of “The Bodyguard” at London’s prestigious Adelphi Theatre.

In this iconic West End musical, based on the hit film of the same name, Burke portrayed the character of Rachel Marron, a famous pop singer who becomes the target of an obsessed stalker. Her powerful vocals and stage presence perfectly captured the essence of the character, as she flawlessly performed songs made famous by Whitney Houston.

Burke’s performance as Rachel Marron was widely praised by critics and audiences alike, further highlighting her versatility as an artist. She brought a fresh and captivating energy to the character, seamlessly blending her own style with the original music from the film.

Her tenure in “The Bodyguard” marked a significant milestone in Burke’s career, solidifying her status as a multifaceted performer. It showcased her ability to captivate and enthrall audiences not only through her music but also through her exceptional acting abilities.


In conclusion, there is much more to Alexandra Burke than meets the eye. The singer-songwriter has overcome many challenges in her life and strives for greatness in her career. With a successful singing career, she has also taken on roles as an actress, philanthropist, and mentor. She continues to impress us with her resilience and ambition, making her an inspirational role model for young girls everywhere. From her love of music to her passion for giving back, Alexandra Burke has certainly made an impact on the world.