Best Gifts for Your Household Helpers

Your household staff plays an integral role in your family’s life and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. From maids and butlers to nannies and tutors – everyone in your home helps keep things running smoothly. So this holiday season, show them how much you value their hard work by showing your appreciation!

What to Get Your Household Helpers

Finding the ideal gift for those who help you with life’s most important tasks can be tricky. You want them to enjoy it and feel appreciated, but also keep within budget so that it won’t break your budget. Hopefully these tips help!

The good news is that there are plenty of gifts to choose from! From a simple gift card for their favorite store to an exciting experience they’ve been eagerly waiting to try, there’s sure to be a present that fits any household member perfectly.

Beyond clothing and accessories, many household workers appreciate a new pair of shoes or high-quality hand lotion to keep their hands feeling soft and smooth while doing a lot of dirty tasks.

For a more personal gesture, send them flowers or chocolates. A homemade card is always appreciated and requires minimal cost to create.

Another popular option is cash. You can give your household staff some extra money as a special holiday gift or to send back home to their family.

Other ways to generate extra funds include buying a return plane ticket or even a spa package. These are ideal if you want to reward your helper with some quality time off.

Education: If you feel your nanny, maid or other household helper could benefit from some additional skills development, consider offering them a class. This could range from computer classes to baking, sewing and cooking lessons.

Entertainment: If your helper enjoys movies, sports or music, consider gifting them a subscription to one of their favorite TV shows. Not only will this be an enjoyable surprise for them, but it will allow them to watch the content whenever desired.

Electronics: If you’re searching for a gift that will not only enhance their home, consider giving them either a TV or iPad. These devices are great for communication with family and can also serve as an outlet to relax at night after a long day at work.

Kitchen Items: Dish towels, oven mitts, cleaning tools and more can come in handy when working around a busy household. As an affordable gift idea for your helper, you may find plenty of kitchen supplies at stores like Walmart and Target that will be appreciated by everyone in the household.

Essential Oil Diffuser: If your household helper enjoys aromatherapy, a diffuser is an ideal way to fill their home with pleasant scents. This Amazon best-selling model features remote control, sleep timer and multiple mist settings.