Popular Online Adventure Games in Australia

Are you searching for a fun new way to pass the time? Australian gamers have plenty of great online adventure game options. From blockbuster titles like Telltale’s Sam & Max, to more modern point and click adventures, there are plenty of exciting options available.

Classic Adventures You Should Try

Classic point and click adventure games offer something special to all players, and there’s no shortage of great ones available. The Secret of Monkey Island, for instance, is a timeless classic that’s full of charm and challenging puzzles that require creativity and patience to solve.

Another great classic is The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, a game that not only offers some hilarious antics but also stunning art and an intriguing storyline. While not particularly difficult, there are some tricky puzzles to solve and hidden objects to uncover which will help you progress further along.

Music Is Magic: The Legend of Loom

Fans of LucasArts point & click adventures will adore this stunning title from The Secret of Monkey Island creator, Music is Magic: The Legend of Loom. It’s one of those rare gems that’s an absolute pleasure to play and its clever use of music note controls is something you’re sure to appreciate.

Beneath a Steel Sky: An Entertaining Tale

This sci-fi adventure is full of wry humor and an intriguing narrative that’ll keep you engaged. Set in post apocalyptic world where technology is becoming increasingly overwhelming, the game offers you an intriguing tale to follow along the way.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Fantasy Life

Do you enjoy playing action-adventure games with friends? Elder Scrolls Online is the perfect fit. This free-to-play offering allows you and a group of friends to create characters from scratch, explore a vast sandbox world, and take on epic quests. It provides an intensely immersive experience ideal for those who love to raid, fish, hunt and craft in their games.

A Way Out: Escape from Prison

Are you a fan of split-screen games? A Way Out is just what you’re looking for. This inventive title challenges you and a friend to collaborate on an escape plan from prison – with some creative thinking required!

Tales From the Borderlands: A New Beginning

Telltale’s quirky adventures are often considered some of the best in the industry. They’re hilarious, and guaranteed to take you away on an incredible cinematic journey full of wonderment and delight.

Adventure games of all genres and eras are available to download for PC – including many classic favorites you may remember from childhood. Plus, they’re all free so you can play whenever you want! We’ve also selected some of the best classic titles so you can explore them further below.