Popular FPS Games in Asia

Asia’s popular FPS games have their own distinct identity. Many are older and require lower system requirements than Western games, yet they draw millions of players daily. Plus, these titles offer various game modes like battle royale or team-based action.

First-person shooters provide millions of people with an exhilarating rush, offering a diverse selection of gameplay styles. From team-based squad combat to capture the flag battles, these thrilling titles can be played on mobile devices, consoles, PCs and beyond.

Some of these games draw inspiration from classic FPS series like Doom and Counter-Strike, but others have their own distinct qualities. If horror stories are your thing in an FPS, Dead Effect 2 could be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re a fan of sandbox games and want the most out of your FPS experience, Dreadnought from Yager Studios is an excellent option. Set in space, this title offers players various ships to customize for optimal enjoyment.

Beyond its captivating gameplay, this game is ideal for fans of Star Wars who have been wanting a real-life espionage adventure in their video games. The experience is enjoyable and packed with tons of content for players to conquer as they progress through the campaign.

Sudden Attack is a Korean-developed first person shooter that has gained massive popularity throughout Asia Pacific. Though straightforward to learn, this title requires considerable skill and strategic thought in order to master.

Sudden Attack stands out among FPS games by emphasizing teamwork over solo survival, with the objective of destroying the enemy base with maximum efficiency. Teams of up to six can participate in this competitive title and must coordinate their efforts if they hope to come out on top.

There are also some captivating game modes, such as one which pits players against each other on a map with obstacles and traps to prevent them from reaching their objectives. This challenge will test your shooting and reaction time while you navigate around these hazardous maps.

Valorant is a free-to-play MOBA/FPS hybrid that adds an exciting twist to the genre. Its hero-based game mechanics keep each round exciting as you unlock abilities to help you prevail.

Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play battle royale game that has seen tremendous growth since its launch in late 2018. It stands out due to the freedom it grants you – you can move freely across maps with ease, enabling you to dodge, duck and weave with ease.

Apex Legends boasts an expansive open world, giving players access to multiple maps and an expansive library of weapons and gear. With so many characters to choose from and the ability to level up quickly, Apex Legends makes for a great choice for mobile FPS gamers looking for some enjoyable action.